The lucky smily face game!

福笑い[fukuwarai] is a Japanese word composed by 福[fuku], that means “fortune” and 笑い[warai], that means “smily”. This is also the tittle of a song I like but, that was so far the only thing I knew until last night that I learned a new game: Fukuwarai: the make a face game.

This “traditional” Japanese game was quite simple – if you have played Put the tail to the horse, you can easily figure it out: There was a board with the shape of a head showing an empty face and pieces of the face apart (eyes, eye-brows, a nose and a mouse). A person wearing a blindfold is taken to the centre of the room and starts spinning for few times, then they’re given the parts of the face one by one so they walk to the face board stacked on a wall and try to put all the parts correctly. Once finished, they can appreciate the finished piece of art. (most of the times it turns out to be a kind of surrealist piece of art). By the way: the person can be guided by their friends with verbal indications but once they stick a piece on the face, there is no choice to change the place.

It was so fun learning this game at a friend’s house last night as part of a Secret Santa’s event.

You should try it, I can recommend it as a very good ice-breaker.

A game ready to be played, simply print and cu...

A game ready to be played, simply print and cut out the face parts to begin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)