First post from the other side of the world.

Let’s say my new year has started in February. I have recently moved to Norway and I’m expected to stay here for a whole year…a true White Xmas and a bunch of other professional and personal expectations jumped out from me when I was told to come.

Now that I am already settled at what I am going to call “home” during the next months; I started to make (an this is not new in me) some introspection.And I start recalling my old theory of life being a table game in which we make a move that appears to be unexpected for the contender; but whose movements along to mine are already designed by the  owner of the table.

E.G:: Years ago, I was surrounded by thousands of  “No way! Too far! Just impossible! …” and some other phrases that made me gave up on the idea of crossing the Atlantic and arrive to Nordic lands-for other different meanings than those that had lead me to be here now, by the way. Now, being at this side of the planet makes me say to myself: “See? It wasn’t so hard in the end. It just had to happen at some other part of  your journey on this universe”.

Lesson learned: good things take time to happen. Good things are always going to happen; they are just there waiting for you to unlock them at the right moment, even if you don’t notice it, they happen when you are ready. And when they happen, we owe that only to ourselves, to our own effort.

I think that moving to Norway is not the game itself; it is just another move I make on the game of life. And being a good or a bad move is only going to be determined at the end of the year when planing the next move to be done.

ticket to ride...