Haugesund in 2 words.

I wanted to write about Haugesund as soon as I arrived here but then I saw it was not going to be enough. There is so much to see here than the ten blocks I have walked around home and I will need not one but lots of post to talk about every little but interesting spot on this city.

Anyway, just let me tell you:

The day we were coming from Oslo, I wanted to know what the other guys were expecting when arriving to Haugesund. I think it was actually me who didn’t know what  to expect and wanted to look for my answer in the guys words. Also I decided to ask them this trilled question just before they asked me the same. (I know, wise move. Thanks.)

They ended up describing the city in 2 words!

On scene: Jorge, Diego, Frode and Kari; outside P-Hotel, the day we finished the FK preparatory course, waiting for the taxi to the airport.