Norwegians are like Shrek. [and onions]

“What to wear” and “how to wear” were the first issues when I arrived to Norway.

It was winter still when I came so I had to learn all this layering thing in order to enjoy outdoors and don’t die frozen while trying.

Not kidding! 

-Wool long socks under cotton socks and Lycra leggings under jeans.

-Wool long-sleeves t-shirt behind a regular cotton one and a wool sweater over that. 

All of it, inside an appropriated coat for the cold weather.

Wool gloves and hats are accessories you don’t want to forget either.

And how to wear it is also important, never finish wearing your last layers outdoors, always wear all of them inside

…and make sure you feel cozy but also comfy inside of the pillow camouflage so you can enjoy the rain / snow or whatever the weather is bringing.


Well that was basically a post I was thinking of since winter. Now the weather is getting “less bad”. Even tough- and thit is another super power I am working on – I have to be aware of the weather forecast every day, the basics of layering still on.  Just using softer clothes but still wearing several; so if it gets a little warm or less windy, I can take some of them off and when it gets rainy or windy I can wear more during the day.


Just to finish: Norwegians, layers, and onions are cool!

So don’t let the weather mess up with you. Be an onion and enjoy outside, any time! 🙂