Norway… many months later. [“Oh my.”]

it has been many months without posting and many more living in Norway. FK preparatory course has been left back long ago and I can say that I am living my own experience at this part of Norway now.

I was reading some articles from another expats at the FK site, for some of those have made me think things like: “That is very true”, “Seriously? No way!”, “Yah, me too”, “I can agree with that” or even “Are you sure you are living in Norway?” However, I know that every single person has their own perspective and expectations for this exchange and for life in general. I am just curious about theirs.  Maybe one thing I regret at this point is the lack of contact with other FK members so I could get several points of views about this country and not only being able to share with the other 4 people coming from the same country and working for the same company. I see that some of them from FK get together, maybe cause they joined the same course. I has been a real shame that in our case, we were the only people so we were not able to increase our own point of view since the very beginning.

– “Where are you going to live during your exchange?” – “Haugesund” – “…oh my.”

I still remember the face of one of the trainers when she said that. The first thing on my mind was that I was being sent to the polar circle. Not at all; but even though still I have some thoughts about what kind of “distance” was she referring to.  Fear … the language!



Just to start, and this was the first “oh-my situation”: Bokmål vs Nynorsk. They were no joking about the many dialects Norwegians speak, and above that… Bokmål is the type of Norwegian you learn in schools, tutorials, on line courses and so ever when you lok for Norwegian courses. But the dialects spoken around this side of the country are “part of” Nynorsk– that I am not sure about, I mean how this dialect’s origins and divisions are made exactly but one is from west and the other from east so far I know.

– “Oh you are learning Bokmål… but we speak here Nynorsk.” Someone told me maybe during lunch at job, right before they switched the conversation into Norwegian.

Oh-My Situation #01 in resume: There was no more challenging thing than learning a language with two versions, being not sure about which of them were you listening to at a first glance.

It has been almost six months and I am still not able to keep a short conversation cause of my level of understanding is poor still + even if when I understand, I could reply in a way that people would not be used to listen (You can read Bokmål in ads, newspapers, books…but not usually when someone is speaking. Once a couple of guys from Haugesund started speaking Bokmål just to make fun of it. They made it very clear that it was so odd to speak in that way.) And since they dont understand, they will quickly switch to English just for not making their lives complicated (and probably thinking it is a nice gesture too) .

Hæ? - short version of: I don't have a clue of what you have just said.

Hæ? – short version of: I don’t have a clue of what you have just said.

Funny fact: I started watching Disney Norge and other child tv shows once I got a cable TV so I could get accustomed to the language. But now, I am able to understand (thanks to CC  on the screen mostly ) some daily local tv shows too. Also, you can find American TV series on its original language and subbed in Norsk; that helps too. Yes, TV is the best for enhance the listening skills but not as good as for speaking unless you are as crazy as me and try to repeat what they say at the spots. [Rimi, raskt og rimelig!]

“If my imaginary friend spoke Norwegian, he would probably gave up on our conversation in 5 min and a) switch to English or b) looked for another Norwegian to keep talking. – Once I tweeted that in the middle of a frustrating moment.

What is going to be the FK homecoming course about – I still wonder. Hope for that time, we can be able to meet people involved in other projects, with other experiences and challenges. I think that maybe it is the best way to make a better path for those who are coming after us.

— In the other hand and since I still have not found a better place to expose my point of view even if I dont get any comment/ feed-back/help  Yes, I am talking to you, my dear stalkers… I will keep trying to post as soon as I can.


Snap!  Just before I closed this post and if you are interested in leaving this page  without leaving a comment, as usual  and learniing a little bit more about Norwegian language tooyou might like to check this :

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