2013 in a nutshell

Another year is gone, but not just a common one.  2013 brought me a lot of stuff and brought me through even more I expected. 1. What did you do in 2013 that… Continue reading

Håkan Hellström – Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg

Post + song – as always. This one was a little delayed but here it is. This is Swedish actually; but if you can follow the lyrics there is a high chance you… Continue reading

Norway… many months later. [“Oh my.”]

“If my imaginary friend spoke Norwegian, he would probably gave up on our conversation in 5 min and a) switch to English or b) looked for another Norwegian to keep talking.” – Once I tweeted that in the middle of a frustrating moment.

Norwegians are like Shrek. [and onions]

“What to wear” and “how to wear” were the first issues when I arrived to Norway. It was winter still when I came so I had to learn all this layering thing in… Continue reading

Haugesund in 2 words.

I wanted to write about Haugesund as soon as I arrived here but then I saw it was not going to be enough. There is so much to see here than the ten… Continue reading

Around the world – Monky Majik (wave good bye to me!)

There’s always have to be a song for every moment / post made here. If you had read my last post; you can relate it to this song. Makes sense, uh? No better… Continue reading

First post from the other side of the world.

Let’s say my new year has started in February. I have recently moved to Norway and I’m expected to stay here for a whole year…a true White Xmas and a bunch of other professional… Continue reading


僕たちは非常に異なです、ねえ? 僕たちは異な世界からきました。 YOH.


Breathing, living, sleeping, dreaming… what do we do today? what do we play? Is there any chance to be myself? Thousand miles you walked around the globe since you were born. Million hours… Continue reading

Why do our wish…

Why do our wishes sometimes keep like that, as wishes only? It ain’t a rhetorical question.